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GNF BioGPS: Globus Pallidus

In Vivo
Microarray Analysis
Parent Experiment
Samples (65)

The human GNF bioGPS dataset examined a panel of 79 human tissue and cell samples. RNA samples were hybridized to two microarray platforms: Affymetrix U133A array (GPL96) and GN1H custom array (GPL1074), enabling testing 44775 human transcripts.

The normalized data was downloaded from the GNF bioGPS website. For each tissue, differentially expressed genes were calculated against a weighted average of all other tissues in the dataset.  The top-ranked log2 differentiated genes (fold change>=2) are listed for each tissue.  The full list of all the genes with fold change >2 is available upon request.

In vitro cells and cell lines were not analyzed.

Globus Pallidus