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Human Protein Atlas - Protein Expression Data: Skeletal muscle ; myocytes

In Vivo
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The Human Protein Atlas portal is an open-access database supplying protein and RNA expression data for postnatal human tissues and cell lines.

The protein expression data includes millions of high-resolution images showing the spatial distribution of proteins in 46 different postnatal normal human tissues, 20 different cancerous tissues, and 47 different human cell lines.  For a large fraction of proteins, a results of a protein array assay and an immunofluorescence-based confocal microscopy image are also provided. In LifeMap database, only data from normal tissues are presented. Additionally, only genes with moderate to strong staining intensity and high confidence level are shown (described as 'supportive/high reliability’; see website for further information about the calculation methods).

This experiment card only contains the protein expression data. See RNA expression data in ‘Large Scale Dataset: Human Protein Atlas - RNA Sequencing Data’.

skeletal muscle ; myocytes