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Neural Tube
Caudal Ganglionic Eminence

Oligodendrocyte Precursor Cells (CGE)

Oligodendrocyte precursor cells (OPCs) derived from the caudal ganglionic eminence (CGE), together with OPCs derived from lateral ganglionic eminence (LGE) arise in the second wave of oligodendrocytes that develop in the telencephalon. These cells arise from Gsx2+ progenitor cells within the LGE and CGE domains, undergo extensive proliferation, migrate into the cortex and postnatally mature into myelinating oligodendrocyte. Most of the early-born oligodendrocytes disappear after birth; thus, the majority of mature oligodendrocytes are cortical-derived cells.
E15.5 - E(N/A)
Caudal Ganglionic Eminence-derived Oligodendrocyte Precursor Cells
Oligodendrocyte Precursor Cells
Multiple Ancestors Single Ancestor No Descendants Develops from Part of Parent