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Amniotic fluid stem cells (Medical University of Vienna)

In the past few years, many studies have contributed to our current understanding of amniotic fluid containing stem cells (AFSs), which harbor the potential to differentiate into cells of any of the three germ layers. AFSs bear the potential to form embryoid bodies which is the ultimate proof of pluripotency.

These human amniotic fluid cell samples were obtained from amniocenteses, all performed between week 17 and week 22 of pregnancy. Cells were cultured in F-10 nutrient mixture (Ham’s medium) containing ultroser-G (2.5%), FBS (10%), L-glutamine (2.5 mmol/l) and gentamycin (50 mg/l). All differentiation steps of amniotic fluid cells are performed via growth on fibronectin.
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Adult Stem / Progenitor Cell
Amniotic fluid stem cells