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Peripheral blood-derived endothelial progenitor cells (National Yang Ming University)

Endothelial progenitor cells were isolated from peripheral blood mononuclear cells. When cultured in matrigel, cells formed tubular structures.

Blood mononuclear cells (MNCs) were isolated by Histopaque-1077 density-gradient centrifugation. MNCs were then cultured on fibronectin-coated plates, in endothelial growth medium-2, supplemented with hydrocortisone, IGF-1, human EGF, human VEGF, human FGF-B, ascorbic acid, GA-1000, heparin and 2% fetal bovine serum. Cells formed endothelial progenitor cell (EPC) colonies after 2-4 weeks of culturing.

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Adult Stem / Progenitor Cell
Homo sapiens
Peripheral blood-derived endothelial progenitor cells