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Epiblast Stem Cell line 7 (NINDS - National Institute of Health)

Epiblast stem cells were derived from the epiblast of post-implantation mouse embryos. Cells formed teratomas in-vivo, which contained cells of all the three germ layers. Cells have a normal karyotype (40,XX).

E5.5  mouse embryos were dissected out from their decidua layer, into HEPES-buffered medium. In order to isolate the epiblast layer, an incision was made at the boundary between the extra-embryonic ectoderm and the epiblast layers. The embryonic fragment consisting of the epiblast and the overlying visceral endoderm layer, was digested in a solution of  trypsin and  pancreatin in PBS and subsequently returned to the initial HEPES-buffered dissection medium. The isolated epiblast fragments were then cultured on a feeder cell layer in DMEM/F12, supplemented with  knockout serum replacement (20%),  FGF2 (5 ng/ml), 2-mercaptoethanol (0.1mM ),  L-glutamine (2mM), and  non-essential amino acids (X1). 

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Fetal Stem / Progenitor Cell
Mus musculus
Epiblast Stem Cell line 7