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ESI-051 (BioTime)

This human embryonic stem cell line was derived from human blastocysts using procedures and documentation that are in compliance with cGTPs and cGMPs. Cells are positive for pluripotent markers and express alkaline phosphatase, as seen by staining. They have a normal karyotype: 46,XX.

Seed cells on irradiated human foreskin fibroblasts (HFF) feeder cells and culture in hESC medium containing custom-made KnockOut DMEM supplemented with high glucose, KnockOut serum replacement (20%), L-glutamine (2 mM), non-essential amino acids (0.1 mM) and recombinant human bFGF (50 ng/ml). All mediums, reagents and supplements were manufactured under cGMP conditions. Fibroblasts were derived from the foreskin of an approved 8 day old donor under cGMP conditions.
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Embryonic Stem Cell
Homo sapiens