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Tcelna™, autologous T-cell immunotherapy for multiple sclerosis

Tcelna™ (fromerly named Tovaxin®) is manufactured using ImmPathTM, Opexa's proprietary method for the production of a patient-specific T-cell immunotherapeutic agent. This method encompasses the collection of blood from the multiple sclerosis (MS) patient, isolation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells, generation of an autologous pool of myelin-reactive T-cells raised against selected peptides (myelin basic protein (MBP) , myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein  and proteolipid protein), and return of these expanded, irradiated T-cells back to the patient. Tcelna™ was found to be safe and tolerable when administered over the course of 24 weeks. Treated patients responded favorably, 16 % Showing actual and sustained improvement in disability.

Tcelna® has been granted fast-track status by the U.S. FDA in Secondary Progressive MS (SP-MS) based on the unmet need of the progressive indication and the potential of Tcelna to benefit this patient population.
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Tcelna™, autologous T-cell immunotherapy  for multiple sclerosis