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ChondroCelect®, chondrocytes for treatment of cartilage knee defects

ChondroCelect® is comprised of autologous, ex vivo expanded, articular cartilage-derived chondrocytes indicated for repair of symptomatic cartilage lesions of the femoral condyles of the knee. The ChondroCelect® production process maintains the cells' ability to maximally conserve their pre-culture phenotype and high quality cartilage forming capacity. A Phase III clinical trial was performed to evaluate the efficacy of ChondroCelect® implantation compared to microfracture (subchondral drilling) treatment. One year after treatment, chondrocyte implantation was associated with enhanced structural repair compared to that observed after microfracture, as assessed by histomorphometry and histologic evaluation. In addition, chondrocyte implantation resulted in a significantly better clinical outcome at 3 years compared with microfracture, as measured by improved knee injury and osteoarthritis outcome score (KOOS). 83% of the patients treated with ChondroCelect® responded to treatment, while 62% of the patients treated with microfracture responded to treatment.
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ChondroCelect®, chondrocytes for treatment of cartilage knee defects