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Adipose-derived stem cells (Inst. Investigación Hospital Universitario La Paz)

Adult stem cells are present in the adipose tissue. Autologous adipose tissue-derived stem cells (ASCs) are easy and safe to obtain from lipoaspirates. These cells have multilineage potential and can differentiate into adipogenic, chondrogenic, myogenic, osteogenic and corneal stroma cells.

Cells were obtained from a lipoaspirate from a female donor patient. The lipoaspirate was extensively washed with PBS, digested, and processed. The pellet was cultured in a noninductive medium consisting of DMEM containing sodium pyruvate (1 mM), glutamine (2 mM), fetal bovine serum (10%), and a penicillin G and streptomycin solution (100 U/ml). A total lipoaspirate of 400 ml yielded a primary culture of 1.5x107 adherent cells. A confluence of 80%–90% was reached after 1 week of culture. 

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Adult Stem / Progenitor Cell
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Adipose-derived stem cells