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Selected regenerative renal cells (Tengion)

A subpupolation of renal cells isolated from human kidneys by discontinuous density gradient. These cells are predominantly epithelial and enriched for cells of the tubules and collecting ducts.

Whole kidneys were harvested and dissociated enzymatically in a buffer containing 4.0 U/ml dispase and 300 U/ml collagenase IV. Red blood cells and debris were removed from the initial cell suspension by centrifugation through 15% iodixanol. Cells were seeded onto tissue culture-treated polystyrene plates and cultured in a 1:1 mixture of high-glucose DMEM and keratinocyte serum-free medium (KSFM) containing (vol/vol) FBS (5%), EGF (2.5 μg), bovine pituitary extract (BPE, 25 mg), 1× insulin-transferrin-sodium selenite medium supplement (ITS), and antibiotic-antimycotic. Before postculture cell separation, primary cultures were transferred from atmospheric oxygen conditions (21%) to a more physiologically relevant low-oxygen (2%) environment for 24 h, which improved cell separation efficiency and enabled greater detection of hypoxia-induced markers. Postculture cell suspensions, prepared as 75 × 106 cells in 2 ml of unsupplemented KSFM (uKSFM) were separated in iodixanol [60% (wt/vol) in uKSFM] density gradient of 13% iodixanol in 15-ml conical polypropylene tubes and centrifuged at 800 g for 20 min at room temperature (without brake). Cellular subfraction were collected after centrifugation and washed three times in sterile phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) before use.

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Adult Stem / Progenitor Cell
Homo sapiens
Selected regenerative renal cells