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Schwann cells (The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis)

Schwann cells are adult cells that support the peripheral nervous system by myelinating axons. Nerves are harvested and the Schwann cells are isolated and propogated.

The nerves are harvested, rinsed 3 times in Liebovitz’s L15, stripped of epineurium, and dissected into individual fascicles. The fascicles are cut into 2-3-mm segments, placed in 100-mm dishes, kept in a humidified atmosphere with 5% CO2, and expanded. The medium (D10) is replaced 3 times per week with Dulbecco’s modified Eagle’s medium, fetal calf serum (10%), heregulin B1 (10 nM) and forskolin (1 µM). The fascicles are maintained submerged, but not attached, in a large volume of medium. Under these conditions, human schwann cells divide within the fascicles at a faster rate than fibroblasts.

After 2–4 weeks, the fascicles are enzymatically dissociated and the cells are washed twice in L15 and 10% FCS before plating at 100,000 cells/ml onto 100-mm culture dishes coated with ammoniated rat tail collagen in 10 ml expansion medium.

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