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HuESC-4 (hESC Cell Facility, Harvard University)

This human embryonic stem cell line was derived from human blastocysts. These cells are positive for pluripotent markers and express alkaline phosphatase, as seen by staining Karyotype: 46,XY

Culture isolated ICMs on a feeder layer of mitotically inactivated mouse embryonic fibroblasts plated on gelatin-coated tissue culture plates. Culture medium: Knockout DMEM, supplemented with KO-Serum Replacement (8% or 10%), Plasmanate (8% or 10%), fetal calf serum (5%), Glutamax-I (2 mM), non-essential amino acids (1%), penicillin (50 U/ml) and streptomycin (50 ug/mL), beta-mercaptoethanol (0.055mM), recombinant hLIF (12ng/mL), and bFGF (5ng/mL). Mechanically dissociate ICM-like clumps 6 to 10 days after the initial plating, and replate on fresh feeder layers. Cells can be cryopreserved in freezing media consisting of FCS (90%) and DMSO (10%). Cryopreservation in hES culture media plus DMSO (10%) results in similar yield upon thawing.
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Embryonic Stem Cell
Homo sapiens