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Rockefeller university embryonic stem cell line 1 (Rockefeller University)

This line was isolated from blastocysts that had been frozen at day six of in vitro development after in vitro fertilization. Karyotype analysis revealed that the line was male [46, XY], and had a normal karyotype. Specific molecular markers were detected, such as: SSEA4, Tra1-60 and alkaline phosphatase.

These cells can be maintained on MEFs by manual dissection or transferred to and maintained on Matrigel-coated plates in MEF-conditioned medium. According to the provider's protocol, the growth medium should contains : DMEM (75%) supplemented with KSR (20%), GlutaMAX (2mM), MEM-NEAA (0.1mM), 2-Mercaptoethanol (2mM), B27 supplement (without vitamin A), pen-strep (x1) and bFGF (20ng/ml).
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Embryonic Stem Cell
Homo sapiens
Rockefeller university embryonic stem cell line 1