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Mouse ureteric bud cells (CMUB-1) (Probetex)

Mouse ureteric bud (CMUB-1) cells were derived from ureteric bud at gestational day 11. The cells were dissociated and immortalized by transfection with human papilloma virus. The cells form cysts and branching cords in 3-dimensional growth in collagen containing fibronectin and form well-defined tubular epithelium following subcutaneous implantion into SCID mice in combination with mouse metanephric mesenchymal cells (CMMM-1) in Matrigel. Cells are positive for epithelial cell markers endo-A cytokeratin, aquaporin 2, and the UB marker dolichos biflorus.

Growth medium: DMEM high glucose, fetal bovine serum (10%), with or without antibiotics.

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Mouse ureteric bud cells (CMUB-1)