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Skeletal myoblasts (MyoCell®) (Bioheart, Inc)

MyoCell® are skeletal myoblasts obtained from the quadriceps muscle and then cultured in vitro for cell expansion.

The biopsies are finely minced and then dissociated using digestive enzymes. The dissociated tissue is washed several times and filtered until a single-cell suspension is achieved. The cells are plated, in cell culture dishes, in SkM basal growth medium supplemented with fetal bovine serum (15-20%), recombinant human EGF (10 μg/ml) and dexamethasone (2 μg/ml). The medium is changed at regular intervals; the cells are harvested and replated according to cell confluence parameters. Final harvest is done after three to five passages.

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Skeletal myoblasts (MyoCell®)