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MGI: Future brain/future forebrain/diencephalon/lateral wall

In Vivo
In Situ Hybridization, Immunostaining
Parent Experiment
Samples (550)

MGI provides free, publicly available access to data on the genetics, genomics and biology of the laboratory mouse. Among the projects contributing to this resource is the Gene Expression Database (GXD) Project, which provides a searchable index of published experiments on endogenous gene expression during mouse development. GXD stores primary data from different types of expression assays, including the expression profiles of transcripts and proteins in different mouse strains and mutants. GXD describes expression patterns using an extensive, hierarchically-structured dictionary of anatomical terms (EMAP). This dictionary is used to define sites of gene expression.

In the LifeMap database, only data from normal prenatal tissues are presented. Additionally, only genes with moderate, strong and very strong staining intensity are presented.

future brain/future forebrain/diencephalon/lateral wall