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Inner Nuclear Layer

Glycinergic Amacrine Cells (INL)


Amacrine cells are the most diverse neurons in the retina, with 30 or more distinguishable morphologically distinct subtypes. Most amacrine cells are inhibitory and modulate the signaling between the bipolar and the ganglion cells within the inner plexiform layer (IPL).

Glycinergic amacrine cells are narrow-field neurons which project to several IPL sublaminae, mediating vertical interactions across parallel circuits. They are formed after the GABAergic amacrine cells and act via the glycine neurotransmitter.   

The AII amacrine and SEG amacrine cells are subtypes within the glycinergic group. 

E18 - P3
Retina, Amacrine
Glycinergic Amacrine Cells
Multiple Ancestors Single Ancestor No Descendants Develops from Part of Parent