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Prepancreatic Dorsal Foregut Endoderm

The prepancreatic dorsal foregut endoderm is an area of the foregut endoderm which contains Pdx1 positive pancreatic progenitors. This region forms the dorsal pancreatic bud. Commitment to a pancreatic fate occurs as early as E8–E8.5 in mice. Permissive signals released from adjacent mesodermal structures, and the notochord are important for induction of the pancreatic program.

In stark contrast to ventral foregut endoderm, prepancreatic dorsal foregut endoderm does not activate pancreatic gene expression when cultured in isolation. Additionaly, expression of the gene mnx1 (hlxb9) is unique to the dorsal endoderm and genetic knockout of this factor results in dorsal pancreatic agenesis
Dorsal mesogastrium
Dorsal Foregut Endoderm
Prepancreatic Dorsal Foregut Endoderm
Multiple Ancestors Single Ancestor No Descendants Develops from Part of Parent