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Otx2-GFP genetically modified stem cells (Institut De Genomique Fonctionnelle De Lyon)

This embryonic stem cell (ESC) line was derived from the Otx2-GFP knock-in transgenic mouse strain. These mice were generated by insertion of a new allele bearing the MuGFP coding sequence in frame with the Otx2 coding sequence and neomycin selection.

Cells are cultured on gelatin-coated dishes in DMEM supplemented with glutamine (2 mM), β-mercaptoethanol (0.001%), nonessential amino acids (1×), donor horse serum (10%), and human recombinant leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF; 2,000 U/mL).

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Embryonic Stem Cell
Mus musculus
Otx2-GFP genetically modified stem cells