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Dorsal Pancreatic Bud


The dorsal pancreatic bud is the only budding organ that develops from the dorsal endoderm. As early as E9.0, the dorsal endoderm invaginates into the surrounding mesenchyme to form a dorsal pancreatic bud (preceding the ventral bud by one day). Both buds subsequently proliferate, in response to mesenchymal signals, to form multiple branches.  When the gut rotation translocates the ventral bud to the dorsal side, the two buds fuse, around E12.5, to form a functional organ. The dorsal pancreatic bud develops into the head, neck, body and tail segments of the pancreas.

Researchers occasionally refer to the region of the dorsal bud as dorsal midgut. This is due to the location of the budding site on the foregut-midgut border of the gut tube.
Dorsal Pancreas
Dorsal Pancreatic Bud
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