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Cellular bone matrix containing mesenchymal stem cells (Osteocel Plus) (NuVasive)

Osteocel®Plus is an allograft cellular bone matrix containing mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and osteoprogenitor cells combined with Demineralized bone matrix (DBM) and cancellous bone. 

Osteocel processing begins with the recovery of strictly screened and tested donor tissue and results in a cellular allograft that retains its native bone-forming cell population. While retaining MSCs and osteoprogenitor cells, the allograft is depleted of immunogenic components through a proprietary selective immunodepletion process. This process was developed after 15+ years of research by Osiris® Therapeutics. Following recovery from select procurement sites, cadaveric donor tissue is transferred for processing on wet ice within 24 hours. To protect cell viability, tissue processing begins promptly upon arrival. All components of each lot of Osteocel are from the same donor, and the cells are not removed from their native matrix. Selective immunodepletion processing was developed to purify the cellular cancellous bone matrix. Cell-rich cancellous bone is processed to selectively deplete immunogenic components from the hematopoietic stem cell lineage (e.g. blood cells, lymphocytes,and osteoclasts), while retaining viable MSCs and osteoprogenitor cells. Osteocel processing also includes a broad-spectrum antimicrobial and antimycotic treatment designed to eliminate potential contaminants while preserving the viability of the cells. In parallel, the cortical component of the donor bone is ground into a powder and undergoes demineralization. The processed tissue is combined with a cryopreservation agent and frozen down to –80°C, providing Osteocel with a five-year shelf-life.
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Cellular bone matrix containing mesenchymal stem cells (Osteocel Plus)