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Bone marrow-derived lineage-negative cells (University of Sao Paulo)

Lin- cells are bone marrow derived lineage-negative cells that are negatively selected by several antibodies for lymphocytes, macrophages, granulocytes and erythrocytes.

Lin− cells are isolated from total bone marrow cells that are extracted from the femurs and tibias of rats and suspended in phosphate-buffered saline containing bovine serum albumin. Using magnetic beads, the cells are negatively selected with the following antibodies: anti-CD4 (0.125 μg/106 cells) and anti-CD8 (0.5 μg/106 cells) for T lymphocytes; anti-CD45RA (0.05 μg/106 cells) for B lymphocytes; anti-CD11b (0.5 μg/106 cells) for macrophages; anti-CD68 (0.125 μg/106 cells) for macrophages and granulocytes; and anti-erythrocyte (0.5 μg/106 cells) for red blood cells.

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Bone marrow-derived lineage-negative cells