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Neural Tube
Primitive Spinal Cord

Medial Hinge Point Cells (PSC)

Medial hinge point (MHP) cells are present both in the spinal and the cranial neural plate. The transition of neural plate cells to MHP cells is not a differentiation process, but rather a comprehensive change on morphology, with reduced apical (apical constriction) and increased basal cell diameters. This new morphology drives a process of neural plate bending at the ventral midline and elevation of the neural folds. Bending of the neural plate to form the neural tube occurs at two principle sites: the median hinge point (MHP), that overlies the notochord, and the dorsolateral hinge points (DLHPs) that are situated at the connection of the neural plate with the remainder of the ectoderm.
E8.5 - E9.75
MHP cells
Medial Hinge Point Cells
Multiple Ancestors Single Ancestor No Descendants Develops from Part of Parent