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PureStem™ endothelial progenitor 30-MV2-12

This clonal human endothelial progenitor line was derived from the registered parental hES cell line ESI-017. Derivation was performed using a modified protocol for EB differentiation, where differentiation medium was supplemented, in a step-wise fashion, with BMP4, activin A, FGF2, VEGF-A and the TGFb inhibitor - SB431542. This line expresses vascular endothelium cell surface markers, such as, vWF, TEK, PECAM1, CD34, CDH5, KDR, as well as early endothelial markers, such as, TAL1, ETV2 and GATA2 (an hematopoietic marker). These cells also express both venous and arterial markers, indicating immature endothelial fate, such as the arterial marker EFNB2 and the venous/lymphatic markers LYVE1, EPHB4, NRP2 and SOX18. This cell line also expresses the endodermal marker Sox17 and the pancreatic marker MAFB.

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Embryonic Progenitor Cell
Homo sapiens
PureStem™ endothelial progenitor 30-MV2-12